About Me

Hey there! I am Elizabeth and I've been taking pictures since I was a child.

Though my day job is in the non-profit sector, my true passion is behind the camera, not the computer. I fell in love with photography when my grandmother showed me her Kodak Instamatic camera with flashcubes and the magical pictures it created.

In my college years, I spent hours pouring through those old black and white photos inherited from my grandmother. The images of farm life, square dancing, first dances, and holiday parties captured so many visual stories that went untold due to the passage of time and heartache.

Several years ago, during a work event, I was blessed to have met the amazing Jasmine Shah, who has been inspiring my photography ever since. Jasmine has travelled the world, capturing the heart and soul of people and places from humanitarian projects to Morocco to New Zealand's Southern Alps.

Rooted in the Chicago suburbs, I, too, am passionate about capturing the true sense of a person's character and creating lifelong memories. I work closely with clients to discover their personalities and create unique images, from outdoor sessions on a farm to cityscapes to holiday sessions.